The Artist’s Way

The next Artist’s Way program will be…..


The Artist’s Way — For “Seekers-of-Purpose” 

Course Facilitated by Asher Leigh

Life Purpose quote (Mark Twain)


Begins:  Sunday, Feb. 9th

Time:   4-5PM
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Participant Access Code: 460681#
Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7300

Do you…..

- Think often about your life, its meaning, and what you’re supposed to be doing here?

- Consider yourself a “permanent seeker,” always looking for the value and significance in your life’s experiences?

- Wish you had your career or post-career figured out?

- Always notice when others are out of line, in the wrong place in life, or lacking direction?

- Have memories of dreaming about saving the world when you were young?

- Still judge yourself harshly for not really succeeding or accomplishing anything?

- Always think that someone else is “better” than you when it comes to having a prominent skill or talent?

- Wonder how some people can be so joyful all the time?

- Ever think that you are being punished, for not getting what you really want out of life?

- Often feel misunderstood by others, leaving you with a subtle feeling of dissatisfaction in most (or all) of your relationships?


And, have you heard of the author Julia Cameron?


She is a creative genius, in case you were wondering. Years ago she began to develop and record a process that she observed to be helping her creative life flourish, which eventually led to her best-selling book and movement, The Artist’s Way.


Since I have begun using The Artist’s Way process myself, my creativity and sense of purpose, have blossomed.


Life Purpose diagram


Two of the most important things I have committed to (part of Julia Cameron’s process..) have been devoting time for 3 pages of stream of consciousness writing each morning, and scheduling “Artist Dates” with myself every week in the midst of all the “have-to’s” and “should’s” amidst my busy weeks. As I began to dig up all of my limiting beliefs about what I COULDN’T do with my life, I noticed that everything began to shift rapidly. By starting to “unblock” my creative and spiritual energy, I learned to know a new part of myself — the truest part — that had been hibernating for my whole life.  It is clear now that we all struggle with unlocking our full potential, and this is exactly what The Artist’s Way helps us do.


To be more blunt, you are valuable, significant, and hold a serious purpose in this world!!!


I am a singer.  Most who know me are probably saying, “Well duh, you’re ALWAYS singing…” But what you should know also, is that I did not KNOW and FEEL that I was a singer until the age of 25. It took page after page of digging up old scars, past hurts, and a LOT of anger from a childhood void of the music I really wanted… AND numerous time spent alone with my voice to gain comfort and confidence, for me to finally discover the authentic joy that comes most naturally for me.

Can you relate?  Isn’t there something in you boiling up, suggesting that YOU could have something that you too feel most natural doing? — Something that is the most valuable thing you could offer others?  – Something that would make all the other parts of your life glow?  – Something that would allow you to feel confident, secure, joyful, AND productive?


It wasn’t until I changed the relationship I had with myself, that I could allow my voice to start emerging vibrantly.  And this is exactly what The Artist’s Way helped to accomplish.


The Artist’s Way — a marriage of the creative AND spiritual paths — is a tool for realizing how to live a fulfilling, successful, and sustainable creative life as the person you truly are. The result of this union for anyone who dares to discover themselves, is the knowledge of your true soul’s purpose, and an application of the tools that will allow you to express it fully.



This is the process that helped me discover my voice, my purpose, and my joy.


It was originally intended by Julia Cameron, that this program would best serve the world if worked through in small groups. In my years of experience working within and leading groups, 8-10 people are ideal for maintaining a positive, supportive, and “creatively juiced” space.


**This group will be for those who would like to discover their true identities and creative purpose. If you like working alongside others in a fun, communal, and focused way, there is a great potential for creative healing to take place here!


IMPORTANT: You do not need to know your life’s purpose in order to join this group.  If anything you have read here speaks to you, please join one of the informational calls on Monday night — 6-7PM.



Here’s what you can expect during our group meetings:

- Fun.  We will be laughing, sharing, and expressing each of our processes with one another — and that is fun.

- Artistic goals to be established at beginning of process, towards your creative vision.

- Weekly check-ins regarding morning pages, artist dates, and “creative successes/breakthroughs”

- Facilitated activities — some of which suggested by Julia Cameron in book, and some from the well of Asher Leigh’s creative toolbox

- Discussions about each weekly chapter, including reflections, concerns, experiential observations, etc.

- Application of techniques to assist you with keeping your creative commitments strong and sustainable

- Group expression and exploration exercises, intended to blow your minds and hearts wide open, and to receive acknowledgement for the ways we naturally wish to connect with the world



So what can you expect at the end of a focused 12 weeks?

- Greater confidence in yourself

- Deeper acceptance of your natural abilities, talents, and life path

- Greater ability to speak up for yourself with others

- More focus when interacting with tasks that require self-control

- Sustainable feelings of spaciousness, freedom, and personal power

- Permission to act from a place of joy and meaning, whenever you feel called

- Greater clarity concerning the direction your life is going in



Here are some other details you may want to know……


DATE:  This course will begin on Sunday, Feb. 9th.  It will run for 12 consecutive weeks.

TIME:  Weekly conference calls will be @ 4-5PM

SIZE: This group will be closed at 8 participants, to reserve the sanctity of a SMALL group process

MONEY DONATION:  A suggested donation of $80/month, or $220 for the entire course.  If this is not within your budget, please choose a price that is and let me know.  I would rather have people in the group who are excited to invest in the process, than people who are stressed out about how much money they have spent.  With that said, I feel that the donation I have suggested is a reasonable market value.

BOOK: Must purchase the book, The Artist’s Way – by Julia Cameron, and read along with this facilitated group.

COMMITMENT: You are expected to participate for the entire 12 weeks of this course.  This expectation is set primarily for you to succeed.  When you commit routine time and energy to something focused, you will absolutely see greater results.  Self-development and creativity are no exceptions!


I look forward to giving you a safe place to search, explore, discover, and feel your authentic purpose. Being a part of a safe, supportive, creative group process is one of the BEST ways to transform your life. And learning the value of this form of self-acceptance is a blessing we all have access to, RIGHT NOW…


Aren’t you curious to see what that looks like, for YOU???



Asher Leigh